How long can I rent a houseboat?

You can rent your own houseboats for a minimum of 2 nights, and a maximum of 7 nights. For stays of 5 nights or longer, we will be organizing a resupply run to Pinawa in order to give you the opportunity to get more supplies for the rest of your stay if necessary. This will also give you some time to explore Pinawa while we service the boat. We will then offer the option to relocate the houseboat to a different mooring location for the remaining nights of your stay.


How much luggage and supplies can I bring aboard?

Our small houseboats can only accommodate up to four people (1 Full XL, 2 twin bunk-beds). To ensure everyone's comfort and safety, we allow a maximum of 4 pieces of medium-sized luggage, 2 large grocery bags, and 1 large cooler (max 14" in height).

Will I be able to operate the houseboat myself?

Our goal is to provide a boating experience that is accessible to everyone, even people who don't have boating experience. Therefore, only our licensed and experienced captains will be allowed to operate the houseboats on the Winnipeg River. From the moment you arrive at our reception dock, they will not only be your guide to the river and its rich history, but also a concierge who will coordinate your chosen excursions.

Our captains can also be booked for half-day or full-day tours of the region, as far upriver as Sturgeon Falls, and as far downriver as the Seven Sisters Falls dam.


Where are the houseboats moored?

We have four different sheltered, scenic mooring locations within Whiteshell Provincial Park. They are all located approximately 9 kilometres upriver from Pinawa. For an experienced paddler, that means about a 30-40 minute paddle through some mild fast-moving water. All of our activities include transportation to and from the houseboat along those 9 kilometres of river.

How will I know how everything works on the boat?

When you and your family arrive, your assigned captain will brief everyone on everything there is to know about the houseboats, as well as go through all the safety and evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. Once at your chosen mooring location, one staff will be reachable 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. If requested, our staff can also check in regularly for your peace of mind.

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Can I bring my own canoes or kayaks?

Yes, you can bring your own fishing or touring kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard. Retractable racks installed on both flanks of the houseboat can carry kayaks or SUPs (up to a maximum of 12 feet in length). The boats are also equipped with a retractable aluminum step to make it easier to board and deboard the canoes.

In order to limit our impact on the scenery and environment, our permit with the park doesn't allow our clients to bring their own fishing boat or attach it alongside the houseboat.