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Will we be able to operate the houseboat ourselves?

No. Only our licensed and experienced captains will be allowed to operate the houseboats from Pinawa's Marina to their mooring locations in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Once moored at their assigned mooring location, the houseboats will remain there for the length of our guest's stay. Our clients will have either a canoe or kayaks at their disposal to explore the Winnipeg River. The safety of our passengers is paramount, that's why one of our trained, licensed helmsmen will always be in control.

What kind of impact will your houseboats have on the environment?

This pilot project has been thoroughly examined by federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government to assess the impact that these houseboats would have on the local fauna, water quality, fish population and habitat, as well as marina traffic.

In order to meet these criteria, every aspect of our houseboats was designed to have as little impact as possible on the environment; they do not reject any wastewater, use solar panels to keep their batteries charged, are equipped with composting toilets for reduced water use, and have low fuel consumption engines. Moreover, they will spend the majority of their time moored in the park, and therefore consume little fuel.


Where will the houseboats be moored and when will your first clients arrive?

We've obtained permits from Whiteshell Provincial Park for four different mooring location within provincial park limits. Starting in May 2022, two houseboats will be sharing these four locations, alternating between each check-out to lessen fish and wildlife habituation.

These locations were carefully chosen not only because they offer great shelter from the dominant winds, but also because they are concealed from the cottages on the southern shore.

Who are your target customers?

Our houseboats are aimed at nature lovers looking for a new experience. From people who just want to recharge from a busy work week, to adventurers who want to explore every nook and cranny of this ruggedriver, our floating accommodation will make for a unique new kind of vacation.

Our 28-foot houseboats have a maximum capacity of four, perfect for a family to completely immerse itself in nature for a few nights. Astronomy fans will also be interested in the complete lack of light pollution and the incredible stargazing opportunities. Fishermen should also find themselves at home on our boats.


How many houseboats will you be operating?

As per our permit with the park, we will be operating two houseboats starting May 2022.

How will you business impact Pinawa's Marina?

There will never be more than one houseboat in the marina at once, and solely for the purpose of checking our customers in or out. This should take about an hour each time. Since we anticipate our customers will stay an average of three nights, our impact on the Marina and the boat launch should be minimal.

None of our customers will enter the boat launch access road or park near our dock. They will be instructed to park at the Sundial parking lot directly and walk to the Marina to start their trip.


How will this business impact the local economy?

We will create seasonal and permanent jobs, and have already started working with local service providers to organize paid activities for our clients. By getting our customers to stay here more than just a day, they will spend more of their money locally. 

We strongly believe that because our business model is brand new to Manitoba, building it right here in Pinawa will further increase the town's visibility as a potential destination for innovative entrepreneurs.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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