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Voyageur Houseboats is a family-owned business run by a father and son team. We both fell in love with Pinawa and the whole Winnipeg River area more than seven years ago. As a birder and kayaker, this stretch of the Canadian Shield always has something up its sleeve. The bald eagle encounters, the verdant shoreline surrounding the entire town. Pinawa is more than just a town, it's a lifestyle. We created Voyageur Houseboats to share that lifestyle with nature lovers from all over Manitoba. 

Jérémy Faure, Co-Owner

After graduating from St. Boniface University in tourism management, Jérémy worked for 10 years on the trans-continental VIA train, which gave him the opportunity to see Canada from coast to coast to coast. However, the Canadian Shield is where this nature lover with a passion for paddling feels most at home. Every summer weekend, you can find him in Whiteshell or Nopiming exploring some new lake or river.

"I've been looking for the right idea to start my own tourism business right here in Pinawa for a while. I couldn't be more excited to get involved with this once-in-a-lifetime project. Our clients will be blown away by what we have to offer!"

Pierre Faure, Co-Owner

After running a commercial apiary for 35 years, and retiring in Pinawa 5 years ago, this lifelong handyman loves to tackle technical challenges. He's had a hand in nearly every facet of our business' infrastructure. Voyageur history is also one of his passions and inspired the name of our business, as well as our overall aesthetic.


"This project was no small task to put together, but I couldn't be happier with the result. We have something truly unique and innovative on our hands."

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