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Thanks for taking the time to check out our exciting new business: Manitoba's first tiny houseboat rental company. After nearly a year of hard work and preparation, we couldn't be more excited to finally be able to unveil our project to Manitobans. Before the release of our full commercial website and social media accounts, we wanted to connect with the local community and to be as open and transparent about who we are, what kind of experience we want to offer, as well as what our vision is for this three-year pilot project. 

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A brand new

Boating Experience


We want to offer our clients the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in nature by spending a few nights on the waters of the Winnipeg River. Here is exactly how we intend to do that:

​1. Parking

Our clients will arrive in Pinawa and park at the Sundial Parking lot where they will leave their vehicles for the length of their stay. 

2. Check-in

Our staff will guide our clients to their floating accommodation piered to a reception dock at Pinawa's Marina (to be built summer 2021). All passengers will then be given a thorough safety and evacuation briefing, as well as the rules of the park.


3. Transportation

Our experienced captains will drive our clients into Whiteshell Provincial Park, and attach the houseboats in a scenic, well-sheltered mooring location on the Winnipeg River.


4. During their stay

Our clients will then be moored to their chosen location for the length of their stay. They will also have canoes and kayaks at their disposal to explore the near endless number of islands.


5. Regular check-ups

Crew-members will check-up on our clients on a regular basis, to make sure that everything is going well, as well as to provide pontoon shuttle service to and from various paid activities and excursions around Pinawa.


6. Check-out

At the end of our client's stay, we will ferry them back to Pinawa's Marina, where we will clean, sanitize, and prepare our houseboats for their next client.



Learn more about the people who put this project together.


A list of frequently asked questions about how our business will operate on the Winnipeg River.


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